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This class is designed to help you understand the culture of Canvas Church. Every church has a culture. According to Cracking Your Church's Culture, "Culture is the atmosphere in which the church functions. It is the prevalent attitude, it is the collage of spoken and unspoken messages. As we explore the culture of Canvas in this class, you will hear about one of our core values, Connection. We believe that Connection is the KEY to the growth of any believer. Through this class we will attempt to help you grow in understanding of how to connect daily with Jesus Christ, with others through groups and serving. You will be asked to complete a Spiritual Gifts Assessment prior to attending this class. This assessment will show the unique gifts that God has given you and will help you understand how you connect and work with others. Deadline for registration is February 19th. Pizza and Salad Provided.

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  • February 24
    5:00 pm - 9:00 pm